we transform the western art to China.

Art-western devotes ourselves building up the knowledge base of introducing western art in Chinese. 

Knowledge and, more importanly, aesthetics of western art

The status quo that we want to change is that, only few Chinese have ideas about the history and the manufacture of the stained glasses that make the heaven effects in European catholic church, despite all the Chinese tourists love taking photos for these magnificent glasses. Only the Chinese art students understand the effect that the German Bauhaus Group made to the post-war world art. Meanwhile Bauhaus style has rebuilt of the outlook of the world. Only a small group of professionals in China know the name of Otto Wanger who created the new cities that after 100 years are being duplicated in China. Almost none of Chinese believe the antique Greece Vase was even more expensive than Chinese porcelain at the end of 19th century in Europe. In China, the Greece porcelain is only a topic of very few researchers.

Art-western gathers the knowledge and the insights of western art and transform them into Chinese. 

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The development of the secondary market in Germany after 2nd World War

By Xiaodong Jia
Monday, 2nd Dec 2019  | 7:00 PM