Art-western transforms the western art to China, with our knowledge, our insights, our aesthetics. We are based in Hamburg, Germany and work with the art scholars, the art organizations in Europe and China.

We are the art scholars and the active artists in Germany and China, combining
knowledge of western art, together with
expertise of Chinese social media & internet content management.

  • www.art-western.com│in English, German and Chinese
  • European representative and columnist of Art China
  • official account in Wechat business account, Baijiahao, Toutiao, Xiaohongshu
  • 1st position in search engines, e.g. Google and Baidu
  • wide connection with Chinese art community
  • based in Germany with convenient communication
  • registered trademark and logo with full protection of copy right

Social Media Expert in China | Art-Western's offical weibo account:

  • 10,0633 followers till 31.10.2019
  • Average read time per post: 16,000 times
  • Topics about western art, artists, museums, galleries, travels, designs, etc
  • Forms in text, photoes, video, vlog, interview articles, etc



we will make things changed

By giving our full effort and passion into every detail of our work, we want to make some changes in the perspective of recognising and valuing western art.


www.art-western.com is online

In English, German and Chinese present we ourselves in the offical webportal of art-western.


Art China Speical Correspondent in Europe

Since 2018, we started the cooepration with Art China, the largest und more influential art media in China that is governed by the National Information Office, State Council.


Art Western 谜西艺术 as a trade mark

Our name "谜西艺术" (Art-Western in Chinese) has been successfuly registered as the trade mark by the Trademark Office of National IP Administration, PRC.


Full coverage in internet and social media in China

The demand of the knowledge of western art was booming. We decided to creat offical accounts and publish our articles over all the major internet based knowledge platforms in China, such as Baijiahao, Toutiao, Zhuhao, Wechat business account, etc.


One of the most influential art KOL in China

Social media becames the most popular communication tools in China. Our Weibo account had gained over 70,000 followers and become one of the most influential art KOL (Key Opinion Leader) in chinese social media.


the first 10,000 followers in social media

We wrote the series articles "the history of German Porcelain" and published it in the internet based art forums in China. It was so welcome and open a window for Chinese to know the china/Porcelain out of China.


Came to the world of western art

The founding members of Art-Western came to Germany for study and felt so lucky to see the master pieces of work with their owns eyes that could be only found in the art books in China.